Top 10 – Most Wanted Animals / Pets

Hey my fellow plastic addict. During the past week, I have been asking you what animals or pets you have been wanting to be made into a Marvel Legends. We have gotten a ton of animals over the past few decades but many of them have just been small pack-in statues. Granted many companies would find it hard to make articulated figures of small animals, but there are so many larger animals that could be fully articulated. Now thanks to all who vote, we now have a great idea of what people want. So lets see what you guys want.

10. Hellhorse

Taking the tenth spot with have the Hellhorse, also known as Elendil. This was Nathan Garret’s Black Knight’s horse but is more famous for being the horse of Dreadknight. This mostly because of the 90’s Iron Man cartoon, where he was a member of the Mandarin’s minions. Hasbro has already made Dreadknight as part of the San Diego Comic Con’s exclusive The Raft box set. So the next thing to do would to would be to re-release that (or Garret’s Black Knight) as a part of a Rider’s set with Hellhorse. HOWEVER, I would think it would be a repaint/resculpt of another horse down below.

9. Lockheed

Next up we have a figure that has had a few figures over the years, Kitty Pryde’s pet dragon, Lockheed. Both Toybiz and Hasbro made a version of Lockheed and both of them came with Kitty Pryde. Both of them were solid statue-like figures, which is understandable as he is usually depicted rather small compared to every one else. My idea is that, every time they make a Kitty Pryde, a new Lockheed should come with her each in a different pose. Kind of like Thor has to come with his hammer or Cap with his shield. I mean if they had to put in articulation then only the head and maybe the waist would work.

08. Throg

Taking up the next spot we have someone that was supposed to be released in the MU scale but was cut. That would be Throg, the Frog of Thunder. This was originally Thor, who had been turned into a frog by Loki. However, after turning back into a human, he left a sliver of Mjolnir, that a frog picked it up and was turned into Throg. This one will obviously just be a pack-in with a Thor or Thor related figure. This definitely won’t be articulated but it would be a nice figure for your Thor collection.

07. Cosmo The Space-Dog

Taking the seventh spot we have the Russian psychic Cosmonaut dog, Cosmo. Introduced during the Annihilation event, Cosmo is the head of security of Knowhere, the dead head of a Celestial. Not only that but he was also seen in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. This guy got a figure in the MU line but we want him in the ML line. Hasbro already has the base for him in the form of Dogpool, just resculpt it and give it a new head. This would work better as a pack-in with one of the GOTG figures.

06. Howard the Duck

Next up we have a character that has jumped in popularity since his cameos in the GOTG movies, Howard the Duck. He actually had a figure from Toybiz as a pack-in with Silver Surfer. However, pressure from Disney (this was before the buy out), cause him to see only a limited release. Given that he is the size of a child, this could be fully articulated. It can even be be sold on his own because of this. My suggestion is he should be part of the GOTG line. Just not looking like a certain foul mouth sailor duck.

05. Redwing

We move into the top half of this list with Falcon’s pet, Redwing. Another animal that had a figure before from Toybiz with Falcon. Some people have been asking for articulation for him but honestly I wouldn’t mind if it was another statue. Maybe he could some with Deadpool’s stand so it could give the impression he is fly as well as a attachable grip so he land on Falcon’s arm or shoulder. This obviously will come with a classic Falcon figure we know is one the way.

04. Zabu

Next up we have the sabretooth companion of the Savage Land protector, Zabu. Zabu has been with Ka’Zar practically since he was a child. Zabu was previously release as part of Hasbro Savage Land box set for SDCC, with Ka’Zar and Shanna. If they were to re-release that version, I wouldn’t mind but I think they should redo it. This obviously should come with at least a remade Ka’Zar, if not also Shanna. I just don’t know how they would release it.

03. Devil Dinosaur

Taking the third place, we have the biggest beast in this list, Devil Dinosaur. This big red t-rex has been a fan favourite of many fans for year and has been requested for year. The only problem I can see with this figure is how they would release this figure. If it was a BAF, then I feel like it would be too small. Releasing it as a stand alone deluxe set might not be feasible as it would cost too much. My suggestion is a SDCC exclusive. Whether it would come with Moon Boy or Moon Girl is up to Hasbro, but I think Moon Girl with be a better match for the 616 universe.

02. Aragorn

And the runner up in this is we have the winged white horse of Black Knight and Valkyrie, Aragorn. This has been requested by fan from even before the riders line even existed. This will obviously be part of a riders set with either Black Knight (my suggestion is the jacketed version) or Valkyrie (classic). The great thing about if we got this figure, it can be reworked into a number of other horse. Paint it black and give it devil wing and you have Hellhorse. Hell, get rid of the wings entirely, put a saddle on it and you can use it for many western heroes. Who wants a Two-Gun Kids, Phantom Rider, Kid Colts, etc.

First Place: Lockjaw!!!!!

Of course the winner of this list is the teleporting giant bulldog of the Inhumans. I think only 5 people didn’t have him in there list. He was actually had double the amount of votes from Aragorn with most of them being in first place! Not only that but he has been requested for ever since Marvel legends began. Why don’t we have him? He is the perfect candidate for a BAF of a Fantastic Four wave or an Inhumans wave if they plan to relaunch them into the MCU. If not that then, have him as a riders set with of course Crystal, who also is in serious need of a figure. Again I ask, how do we not have him already!!!!!!!

Okay breath. That is the Top 10 animals or pets you want to see in the Marvel Legends line. Do you agree with this list? (If not tough, you got voted out. lol). Let me know what you think below or on any of the social media sites.


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