Rumor! – Best of X-men wave

Those living in the UK and Ireland know that Hasbro releases, or rather re-releases, a wave consisting of the Best of the MCU figures most year. However, with this year being rather low on MCU figure, it seems they might be doing a Best of the X-men wave instead.

This rumors comes from JTprime and JayC of

To Quote:

Thanks to JTPrime, we have a heads up for a new listing discovered on the Australian distributor Creative wholesale website for what is listed as a Best of X-Men Marvel Legends wave. The wave will consist of 7 to be announced figures and a Build-A-Figure.

It’s unclear if this will be something new to perhaps celebrate the 45th year anniversary of Giant Size X-Men #1, or whether this will be some type of simple re-issue wave likely only available overseas as we have seen Hasbro do before.

If it is something new, what characters do you think should make a “Best Of” wave for the X-Men. Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION below and we will update this story once more details become available.


One comment

  1. If its a simple re-release, would be nice to help our brothers over seas get some of the figures at more reasonable prices. So I’d like to see the figures that are currently high priced(ebay) and hard to find.

    Such as: Rogue($150!!!), Pyslocke($70), Beast($70), Jean($45-70), Nightcrawler($30+), Storm($30-40), Bishop($60-70), and BAF colossus(2-pack classic costume)

    Honorable mentions: Iceman(Jugg wave $60-70) Gambit($25), BAF xavier?


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