Special – Stan Lee’s Legends

Stan Lee 1922 – 2018

This is an article I knew was coming but I wish I didn’t have to write. As many fans know the beloved writer and creator Stan Lee passed away on Monday morning. 12 November 2018. The inspiration for many writers, many would agree that if it wasn’t for Stan Lee, many of the comics we read today would never exist. He changed the format of superheroes comic from being a villain of the month that superheroes must defeat that issue to a deep story with human emotion and every day problems. He created many characters and with a few exceptions, these character are still been enjoyed today.

Stan’s first writing credit was in Captain America and he would go onto write many of the earlier comic of the time, from the romance genre to the horror genre. According to Stan himself, Stan was ready to quit writing comics before Martin Goodman, Timely/Atlas publisher at the time came to him asking him to make a team of superheroes to rival the DC’s Justice League. Stan didn’t want to do it at first but he insisted that he be allowed to write it his way. While Stan could have used the previous heroes from the company, like Captain America and Namor, he decided to create a new set of heroes. However these heroes would be different from others. For one thing he gave them their own problems. He also didn’t give the team costume and made each unique with their own personalities and powers. Thus he created the Fantastic Four, a comic that would mark the rise of Marvel Comics. He would quickly go onto create many heroes like the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-man and the Wasp. But it was a certain Wallcrawler that he is most famous for. 

Stan would also go onto not only run the company but become the face of the entire industry. He would also go onto write for other companies, including DC as well as writing many manga and animes, his most famous being Heroman and The Reflections. 

So to celebrate the life of this great man, I have gone through every Marvel Legends figure and gather every one of the figures he helped create. Just to get one thing out of the way first. Stan did NOT create Captain America or Wolverine. So what characters did he create have a look below. If there is a First Appearance version I will use that. If I miss anything please let me know. Also I am trying the new WordPress editor so it may seem messy.

And that pretty much all I could find. I’m sure I’m missing a few so let me know. Thanks Stan for the many many characters you introduced us to. May you rest in Peace.


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