Best Of 2018 – Comic Categories Results!!!

Well guy, the result of the second part of the Best of 2018 with the Comic figure been the figures. Looking at the result this was a lot more divisive then the last one with a number of categories having only one to 2 votes between the winners and second place runner-ups.  But enough of me chatting. Let get onto the goods.

Best Newcomer

Winner – Multiple Man – 30%

Taking the best newcomer we have the most request army builder that is a single person. Not only does this figure give us a brand new character, but with 2 extra head you can easily build an army with him. Throw in the fact that Hasbro has greatly improve the jacket and you have the best newcomer for a reason.

Best Remake

Winners- Tied – Wolverine (Tiger Stripe) and Psylocke – 17%

Our first tie and the first time we have 2 figure from the same categories going onto the final. Ladies first. Hasbro didn’t have to do much to improve on Toybiz version of this figure but man did they out do themselves. This figure looks stunning and has some of the best most imaginative accessories to date. As for the Canuckhead, there is a reason why many reviewer are calling him the best Wolverine to date. This is an awesome figure that people have been waiting for that but Hasbro and Toybiz did.

Best Re-Release

Winner – Shared Exclusive – Archangel – 52%

Unlike most of these, this category was more one sided with Walgreen’s Magik getting only 17% of the votes for second place. This figure was already a great figure from the Rocket Raccoon wave but Hasbro bad distribution of the time cause this figure to be extremely hard to find. Given that they are trying to get everyone their Jim Lee X-men complete, it comes as no surprise that they re-release this figure with some immense improvements. Chrome wings, new paint app, three new head (one being a Death masked version with the other 2 being unmasked version) and most importantly a new hand for the Apocalypse BAF. Well worth getting this figure again if you didn’t have the first. 

Best Villain

Winner – Dr. Octopus – 26%

The first winner that not an X-men, this category was dominated by Spidey’s villains with Mysterio only 3 votes away from Ock. Say what you will about the tentacles, no one can deny that this is the best Ock body ever. Add to the fact that you can use the older TB tentacles and you have the one of the Best figures of the year. Can’t wait for Hasbro to make other chubby characters with this. Toad Please!!

Best Female Figure

Winner – Psylocke -28%

This category was actually going to have a completely different winner in Punk Storm but the last minute voters zoomed past that with the beautiful british ninja taking first place. I have already said how beautiful this figure is but this just proves that she is the best female figure for a long time.

Best New Costume

Winner- Cable – 26%

Again another X-men figure but was closely contested against by Black Knight. This is the Cable figure fans have been asking for years. It is amazing how changing the legs and adding pockets and accessories can really change the Hyperion buck into a fantastic figure. I mean just look at that head sculpt with that psychic effect. 

Best Spider-Person

Winner – PS4 Spider-man – 24%

Maybe it was the fantastic video game or the fact that he just barely made the deadline for the Best of 2018 voting, but the best Spider-man of 2018 is the Insomniac PS4 Spider-man. I personally love the design of this suit and hope the other original suit  get made eventually. However, it was not a easy victory as Spider-punk was only 3 vote away from him. 

Best X-men

Winner – Archangel – 22%

Accessories and re-release those seem to make a figure better. At least according to people who voted for the Best X-men to be Archangel. I said what I had to say about this great figure above but it should be noted the second place winner, Apocalypse, was only 3 votes away from him.

Best Deadpool

Winner -90’s Deadpool – 39%

This will hopefully be the only year that I will have to do a category for Deadpool. Well until Deadpool 3 comes out. Anyway, we have had 6 different version of the Merc with a mouth with one being a woman and another being a Zombie Head and 3 more some point next year. But the winner is the 90’s / First Appearance Deadpool. This really should have been the body they used for all DP as it is better then the Juggernaut wave one.

Well that is the second batch of winner for this year. What do you guys think? Agree or Disagree? I will say that there will be another chance to vote for more comic figure in 2 weeks so look out for that. 


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