Notes About Jean Grey

Hey gang, I will be posting a NCS of Jean Grey later today but I just wanted to go through a few things.

First I know that the Jean Grey in the Dark Phoenix saga is not technically the real Jean Grey. It was actually the Phoenix itself taking on the form, personality and memories of Jean in order to let it to heal the real Jean in a cocoon in Jamaica Bay. So really all of that was not really Jean. However most writers have forgotten that or just don’t care. They think Jean Grey was the Phoenix at the time and as such have retconned that it was Jean. SO for the sake of Jean page, it will take into account that they were one and the same.

Next about the young Jean Grey, and by extension young Cyclops, Iceman, Angel and Beast, that has been brought from the past to the present, I am considering them as a separate character or an alternate universe. Now before anyone get onto me about that, yes, they are just basically the same 616 version but from different time periods. However, the younger version now are considered their own people with their own storylines. So I won’t be including them in the Marvel Prime version. I will eventually create a separate page for them though so don’t worry about that.


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