Deadpool waves?!!!!

We just got the Lizard wave of Spider-man Legends, but it looks that it won’t be long until the Deadpool wave will be released as the have been found in the Philippines!

Thanks to Jay Ascuncion for the picks. (X-23, Paladin and Deathlok have been photoed)

Not only that but we also got the final confirmation for the last figure of the wave. I hope you didn’t spend money on the Hascon Deadpool cause he is being re-release in this wave minus some of the accessories.

deadpool wave5

But that wasn’t enough for today. Some may remember that Rektangular revealed that there may be another wave of Deadpool Legends. Well now a new screen of a store system has pretty much confirmed that we will be getting another wave. No word on what the BAF or the 2 Deadpool figure are.

deadpool wave6


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