Pre-Toyfair 2018 – New Deadpool Figures!!

With Toyfair only a few weeks away, Hasbro might have just waited for that to announce new figures. Nope. Working with the site Nerdist again this year, they have announced a few figures of a second wave of Deadpool figures!! Seems like the whole Disney buying out Fox has started to benefit Plastic Addicts.

First we start with of course Deadpool (can’t be a DP wave without Wade can it). This time he is in his home made X-men costume, from the time the X-team was located off the coast of San Francisco on Utopia. I can’t tell if this is the 90’s Deadpool build from the Sasquatch wave or the Juggernaut wave one but none the less it is basically a straight repaint of one of them. I just love that Hasbro even considered it and is a fun addition to any Deadpool collection. Maybe the second DP rumored will be his Cyclops based X-men costume.

Next we have another Deadpool. Lady Deadpool that is. This character is basically a gender swap of Wade from an alternate universe. She was part of his Deadpool Corps and has been a fan favorite since. Now I know MS just released a version of this but that is for 7inch and is going for €30 ($35) at the moment where this in the region of 20 to 25. A much cheaper  offer. The figure itself looks great. I mean just look at that ponytail.

Final figure officially revealed we have Omega Red. While Red is primarily a Wolverine villain, he has fought Deadpool a number of times, including a time when Deadpool protected a village from Roxxon and Omega Red was hire to kill him. This looks incredible and looks like it can beat TB one easily (particularly if those shoulder pad and straps aren’t as soft as TB one.

Well that’s all that officially been revealed. The rumour has it that another Deadpool, X-23 Wolverine and Bishop are part of this wave with no word on the BAF. I will be updated the DP page when I can (probably Tuesday) and will make Lady D and Omega Red the next NCS so people and learn who they are.



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