Wasteland Universe (Earth-807128)

Introduced in: Wolverine (Vol. 3) #66 (2008)

What if the world villains decide to unite against the world heroes? That was what happened in the Wasteland universe. Putting aside their own motives, they worked together to not only defeat and kill many of the world heroes. For example, Mysterio used his illusions to not only trick Wolverine’s sight but his smell into thinking that an army of villains had attacked the X-mansion. Wolverine begin killing these villains which turned out to be the rest of the X-men. Afterward the villains began dividing American into sections. The surviving heroes either begin living normal life or become insane like the Hulk.

This universe began as alternate or potential future for Wolverine, in the highly acclaimed “Old Man Logan” story line. After the success of this story (and the adaptation of it with the “Logan” movie), Marvel decided to expand upon it with Old Man Hawkeye, Old Man Starlord, the Avengers of the Wasteland and more. Characters from this universe have been dubbed Wastelanders. Old Man Logan was later brought to the Prime Universe for a while and Spider-girl has been part of most Spider-verse comics.