Minimates that need to be made into ML – Characters

hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been having fun looking over OTHER toylines that specialize in Marvel characters. Today I move over beyond Hasbro and Toybiz and begin looking at other companies that have made Marvel figure, starting this week with Diamond Toys. However, instead of looking at the Marvel Select line (that is coming eventually) I thought it would be fun to look at their other famous line and look at Minimates. Yes, I do realize it’s a bit silly to look at a line that is essentially the same body with a new head and blocky body (even ladies share the same body) but this line has done many character and costumes that Marvel Legends has yet to do. However, unlike the last couple of lists and for the shake of my sanity, I will be breaking these up into three parts, character with Characters that we have yet to get in any form in Marvel Legends.

Just few things before we start:

  • This is comic books only. And they must be official characters. If there is a MCU, other live action, Cartoon or gamerverse characters, then I will give the Comic book equivalent.
  • Only figures that have yet to be made into a Marvel Legends 6-inch figure will be included. That means from both Hasbro AND Toybiz. If a figure has been made by either company, they will not be included. (IE Classic Beta Ray Bill was made by Toybiz so it’s not included.) If there is a figure that was made into a figure but needs a remake, please check the Remake Checklist.
  • I will not be including different artist interpretations of a costume. That means if a figure is the same costume as a newer figure but is done in a different artist style, it will be considered already made.
  • Unlike other times, I will not be including chances of remakes, but I will have a few notes because I know some people will try and correct me about something.
  • If something gets made into a 6-inch figure, it will be removed from this list
  • If there is anything I missed, please let me know.
  1. Agamotto
  2. Agent Coulson
  3. Agent Sitwell
  4. Air-Walker (Gabriel Lan and Automaton)
  5. Aldrich Killian
  6. Alicia Masters/Grimm
  7. Ancient One
  8. Aunt May
  9. Azazel
  10. Balder The Brave
  11. Baron Mordo
  12. Beyonder
  13. Black Dwarf
  14. Black Mariah
  15. Black Panther (BC)
  16. Blizzard (Gregor Shapanka)
  17. Box (Jeffries)
  18. Bron Char
  19. Captain George Stacy
  20. Carrion
  21. Collector
  22. Colleen Wing
  23. Copycat
  24. Corvus Glaive
  25. Cottonmouth (Stokes)
  26. Crimson Dynamo (Bukharin)
  27. Cul The Serpent
  28. Darcy Lewis
  29. Destiny
  30. Ebony Maw
  31. Ego
  32. Everett Ross
  33. Feral
  34. Gabe Jones
  35. Genesis (Sabahbur)
  36. Ghost Rider (BC)
  37. Ghost Rider (Reyes)
  38. Grandmaster
  39. Guillotine
  40. Heimdall
  41. Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
  42. Hydra Supreme (Otto Vermis) 
  43. Iron Fist (BC)
  44. Iron Spider/Prowler (Davis)
  45. Jack O’Lantern (Classic)
  46. Jean DeWolff
  47. Justin Hammer
  48. Killmonger
  49. Kismet (Ayesha)
  50. Korath
  51. Lady Phoenix (BC)
  52. Laufey
  53. Lilandra
  54. Lockjaw
  55. Lucky The Pizza Dog
  56. Magma
  57. Malice
  58. Mantis
  59. Marrina
  60. Maya Hansen
  61. M’Baku The Man-Ape
  62. Menace
  63. Mephisto
  64. Ms. America
  65. Nebula
  66. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  67. Nick Fury, Jr.
  68. Night Nurse (Palmer)
  69. Night Nurse (Temple)
  70. Nitro
  71. Okoye
  72. Peggy Carter
  73. Proxima Midnight
  74. Puppet Master 
  75. Red King
  76. Scarlet Samurai 
  77. Screwball
  78. She-Venom
  79. Shingen Yashida
  80. Sin
  81. Sin-Eater
  82. Spider-Slayer (Smythe)
  83. Spot
  84. Starbrand (BC)
  85. Stick
  86. Surtur
  87. Swordsman (Strucker)
  88. Thane
  89. The Fallen Celestial
  90. Tinkerer
  91. Uncle Ben
  92. Valyrie (Runa)
  93. Vision (Jonas) 
  94. Volstagg
  95. Whiplash (Vanko)
  96. White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)
  97. White Tiger (Hector Ayala)
  98. Wong
  99. Yondu (616)
  100. Yukio

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