Toybiz 5inch figures that still need a ML

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we go back to before Marvel Legends, or even 6-inch figures, were a thing in collector eyes. Today we go back to the time that Toybiz specialty was 5-inch figure. To many older collectors, these were the toys that you would have grown up on with these probably being your first Marvel toys you may have gotten. Mine, for example, happened to be the X-men Cyclop, Iceman and Juggernaut from the X-men line. Like other line, like the MU line, they have made characters costume and alternate universe character that have yet to be made into ML. Again thanks to to all the help in this research. (It took me 2 week to compile this).

Just few things before we start:

  • This is comic books only. And they must be official characters. Toybiz made a few figures that were completely new and not based on anything. So, the likes of the Omega and Protector figures will not be included. Since many of these were tied into the Animated series (Like the Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Iron man etc), I will be giving the comic equavilant of the Cartoon character.
  • Only figures that have yet to be made into a Marvel Legends 6-inch figure will be included. That means from both Hasbro AND Toybiz. If a figure has been made by either company, they will not be included. (IE Classic Beta Ray Bill was made by Toybiz so it’s not included.) If there is a figure that was made into a figure but needs a remake, please check the Remake Checklist.
  • I will not be including different artist interpretations of a costume. That means if a figure is the same costume as a newer figure but is done in a different artist style, it will be considered already made.
  • This will be broken up into Character (ones that Hasbro has yet to make a new figure of any sort for), Costumes (figures of characters that Hasbro has made but not in these particular costumes) and Alternate Universe (characters from alternate universes that Hasbro has yet to do).
  • Unlike other times, I will not be including chances of remakes, but I will have a few notes because I know some people will try and correct me about something.
  • If something gets made into a 6-inch figure, it will be removed from this list
  • If there is anything I missed, please let me know.


(Links provided)

  1. Adam-X / Adam Neramani
  2. Ahab / Roderick Campbell
  3. Albert (Cyborg Wolverine)
  4. Anti-Vision – The primarily yellow and green Vision figure can be used as Anti-Vision
  5. Attuma
  6. Black/Whiplash / Marco Scarlotti
  7. Blackout / Marcus Daniels
  8. Brood – we had the Select version but we don’t have a ML version.
  9. Cameron Hodge
  10. Century
  11. Commcast / Garabed Bashur – Now known as Black Box
  12. Crimson Commando / Frank Bohannan – he was given an original design in the line and just called Commando
  13. Cypher / Douglas Ramsey – one half of the Douglock figure.
  14. Deathbird / Cal’syee Neramani
  15. Emplate / Marius St. Croix
  16. Erik the Red
  17. Exodus / Bennet du Paris
  18. Forearm / Michael McCain
  19. G.W. Bridges / George Washington Bridge
  20. Genesis / Tyler Dayspring
  21. Gideon
  22. Gorgon / Gorgon Petragon
  23. Grizzly / Theodore Winchester
  24. Hybrid / Scott Washington
  25. Jack O’Lantern (Classic) – Technically could be several characters
  26. Joseph – many are using the 3-pack Gambit body with the AOA Magneto head but we need to get an official version
  27. Kane / Garrison Kane
  28. Killspree
  29. Kylun / Colin McKay
  30. Madame Web / Cassandra Webb
  31. Marrow (Sarah)
  32. Mondo
  33. Ms. Marvel / She-Thing / Sharon Ventura
  34. Outcast (Lilin)
  35. Penance / Hollow – We have gotten Monet and her sisters, but we still need this version
  36. Quark
  37. Raza
  38. Raze (Skrull)
  39. Senyaka
  40. Shard
  41. She-Venom
  42. Silver Fox
  43. Skin
  44. Skinner
  45. Slayback
  46. Spat and Grovel
  47. Spider-Slayer (Smythe)
  48. Spider-slayer MK X – the alien looking one
  49. Spider-Slayer Mark XV – Black Widow one. Yes it’s is based on a comic version like the ones below
  50. Spider-Slayer Mark XVI – The Tarantula one
  51. Spider-Slayer Mark XVII – the Scorpion one
  52. Stegron / Vincent Stegron
  53. Swarm / Fritz von Meyer
  54. Trevor Fitzroy
  55. Triton
  56. Tusk – Didn’t realise he wasn’t a mutant but an Inhuman.
  57. Vermin / Edward Whelan
  58. Warstar / B’nee and C’cil – 2 character but you can’t have one without the other
  59. Wizard / Bentley Wittman
  60. X-cutioner / Carl Denti
  61. Zarathos – yes I’m counting this. We have several Ghost Rider with him bonded with them but we don’t have a Zarathos himself.
  62. Zzzax

New Costumes

(Links to costumes images provided)

  1. Bishop – Post AOA
  2. Blade – Nightstalkers
  3. Blastaar – Classic
  4. Captain Britain – Excalibur
  5. Colossus – Acolytes
  6. Ghost Rider (Blaze) – Blaze
  7. Havok – Mutant X
  8. Iceman – First Appearance
  9. Iron Man – Artic Armor
  10. Iron Man – Hydro Armor
  11. Iron Man – Space Armor
  12. Magik – New Mutants
  13. Phoenix – X-Factor I
  14. Shang-Chi – Gi
  15. Spider-man – Spider-Ock
  16. Storm – Solo series
  17. Thing – Vested
  18. Typhoid Mary – Spiked
  19. US Agent – Force Work
  20. Vulture – Young again
  21. Wasp – Mutated
  22. Wolfsbane – New  Mutant / Full werewolf
  23. Wolfsbane – X-Factor
  24. Wolverine – Feral
  25. Wolverine – Team x

Alternate Universe

(Links provided)

  1. 2099  – Brimstone Love
  2. 2099  – Skullfire
  3. 2099 – Bloodhawk
  4. 2099 – Breakdown
  5. 2099 – Halloween Jack
  6. 2099 – Hulk
  7. 2099 – La Lunatica
  8. 2099 – Meanstreak
  9. 2099 – Metalhead
  10. 2099 – Junkpile
  11. 2099 – Shadow Dancer
  12. Age Of Apocalpyse – Gambit
  13. MC2 –  Stinger
  14. MC2 –  Wild Thing 
  15. Mc2 – American Dream
  16. Mutant X – Bloodstorm
  17. Mutant X – Fallen
  18. Mutant X – Goblin Queen

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