Results – Best of ML 2022 Part 1

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. The results are in for the FIRST part of the Best of Marvel Legends for 2022. For those that don’t remember, last week we voted for what was the best wave for character selection, accessories, packaging design, Build-A-Figure and Deluxes set. There were some clear winners and one major last day upset. Thanks to all that voted (except for that guy who tried to spam the votes and made me use my own money to ensure restrictions and the result weren’t lopsided. Way to ruin the fun a-hole.) Anyway onto the winner.

Best wave selection

X-men Retro wave 2 with 34%

The X-men Retro wave was the clear winner this time round with the second Place (the Spider-man retro wave 2) only having 14% of the votes.) The only wave that didn’t get a vote was the Khonshu wave which is surprising as you will see below.

Best Accessories

Defender Strange Portal

For this the winner is the Defender Strange Portal. This was a very close vote as the Iron man Photon Cannon and Spiral’s weapons were also close to winning.

Best Package Design

Mojo World Box set – 35%

Winner of the best packaging design is the set that looks like a TV set with a remote and 2 VHS boxes, the Mojo World box set. The Second place, Venom Box set, was far behind with 17% and the loser of the vote was Iron man with no votes, which surprised me as I though everyone liked these. Maybe it was because we still don’t have a full wave yet.

Best Build-A-Figure

Khonshu – 39%

The winner of the best BAF and the first MCU winner is Khonshu. This one really surprised me as I thought Bonebreaker would be the clear winner but that only got 26% of the vote. The loser of the vote was Controller with zero vote, which again surprised me as even Korg got a vote.

Best Deluxe

Retro Lizard 18%

Winning the Best Deluxe and having the biggest upset of the vote, we have the Deluxe Lizard. I say biggest upset because Mojo was winning the voting by a large margin until the last 3 days, when Lizard and Apocalypse began fighting for the spot. There was literally a vote between each with Lizard being in first, Mojo second and Apocalypse third. Unlike the rest, every set got a vote but the loser was the Defender Strange.

And that’s the winners of the best Wave Character Selection, Accessories, Packaging Design, BAF and Deluxe. The next part of the voting will be up later but, in the meantime, let me know what you think. Remember these were voted for by you and if you didn’t vote, tough.


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