News + Rumors – Hasbro Livestream announced and Wave BAF Rumors

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro has just announced that they will be holding a Marvel Livestream this coming Tuesday, December 6th at 11.00am EST (4pm GMT). Thanks to JayC, we know that they may reveal the rest of the X-men Training Suit sets (the yellow and blue), the Blob that was leaked a few weeks back. Also given that Marvel have started their Merchandise campaign for Quantumania, we may see that wave being officially revealed though they may only reveal the Comic figures as Marvel themselves like to reveal the MCU figures. (More of that in a bit.) Other than that I don’t see them revealing much because it’s the last month of the year, so they may hold off on too much for this but have a look at the Rumor List – 21/11/22 to see what could be coming.

As for the rumors, there is a bit of a spoiler so if you don’t want to be spoilt close the page.

As for the rumors, I have 2 possible BAF for the Quantumania and GOTG Vol. 3. Before getting onto the bafs, a reminder of the regular figures for the waves. For Quantumania, we have MCU versions of Ant-man, Wasp and Kang and the comic figures of Future Ant-man, Ultron, Crossfire and Egghead. If you have seen the Funko Pop figures, you may have guessed this but the BAF if MCU MODOK. Like I said before this may be revealed on Tuesday.

As for the GOTG wave which is all MCU we have Starlord, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Rocket, Adam Warlock and Kraglin. If you have seen the trailer, you may have guess this as well but the BAF is likely to be High Evolutionary.


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