700th NCS – Radioactive Man, Singularity, Spectrum, Elsa Bloodstone and 3 MCU characters.

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. This is it. This is our 700th NCS character. (Okay, it’s over 700). To celebrate I have 7 character I want to talk about, starting with the Target Exclusive, Minn-Erva (MCU). I’m actually surprised that I haven’t done this character yet as when she was announced and released, I was doing the Captain Marvel wave.

We also look at one of the Target Box set with a look at the Radioactive Man. I did Cap and Danvers already and this Avengers villain has yet to be re-released in some form, but I do see him being redone on a retro card at some point.

Let’s move onto the now defunct Toys-R-Us exclusives with two box sets. First is the Agent of SHIELD box set with Phil Coulson (MCU), a MCU original character that now is a comic character, and Maria Hill (MCU). These two are the last MCU character I have left to do beyond the Wakanda Forever characters which will be done in Novembers.

Next, we look at the A-Force box set. I have already done She-Hulk, Lady Loki and Lady Sif so let’s talk about the box set exclusive Singularity (Multiverse). I call this the box set exclusive as unlike all I mention as well as the next 2, there isn’t a big call for this character to be re-released despite her being seen in Love and Thunder.

Next, we look at the second Captain Marvel, Spectrum. Unlike Singularity, Monica will get another figure eventually especially since she will be a main character in “The Marvel” movie. I see Hasbro making a classic Captain Marvel version like many people have been requesting.

Finally, we look at the monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. Elsa has been getting alot of attention as of late, long before she was in the Werewolf by Night Special. She was a playable character in many games, including Contest of Champions, Ultimate Alliance 3 and the now defunct mobile game Avengers Alliance. With her MCU debut I can see this getting a repaint re-release.

With that I now only complete the Target Exclusives but also the TRU ones. Most of the exclusives I have yet to talk about either have a new figure released or had a MCU figure made so I have to talk about the comic version. I would like to thank all those who have stuck with me as long as you have. I am nearly finished catching up with all the Marvel Legends that have been released with only Walgreen (that only has 2 left) and Walmart (only 7 left). After that I will move onto the Classics lines, which has alot to do.

While I do expect something tomorrow to be revealed, next time we will jump into the Walgreens’ exclusive with a look at Black Ant and Anti-Venom II symbiote.


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