NCS (New and Retro) – Purple Man, Dreadknight, MVC War Machine and MCU She-Hulk

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have both new and old characters to talk about today. Starting with the new figure revealed today, we look at War Machine (Marvel Vs. Capcom). Fun fact about this character and the reason he is a straight repaint of the Iron Man figure is that Iron Man was supposed to be in the game that War Machine debuted. However, because IM was in a video game with X-O Manowar (the Valiant comic character) by Acclaim and they weren’t allowed to use IM, Capcom had to make a re-palette of Iron Man to fit into their game.

Since her series has just ended, we also look at She-Hulk (MCU). I loved the series. It was a great adaptation of what She-Hulk comics are usually like. I particularly like the scenes with K.E.V.I.N. and her breaking down the MCU formula made me laugh so much. I also added a Jennifer Walters (Multiverse).

Next, we go back in time and finish off all the characters that were part of a SDCC exclusive box set with the Raft Box set. I already did Abomination, Enchantress, Sandman and of course Spider-man (cause all have been released in the main line), so let’s start with Purple Man. Yeah, given that this character is a serial rapist that forces his victims to have his children, we may never see him in another figure in the main line.

We also look at one of the more obscure Iron Man villains with Dreadknight. If you are like me, you mostly remember this character from his regular appearance in the 90’s Iron Man cartoon. However, unlike his box set mate above, I can see this being re-release on the Retro card.

Next time (most likely Wednesday) we will start looking at the remaining Target exclusive figure that I haven’t done an NCS for with Radioactive Man and MCU Minn-Erva. (Everything else has had either a re-release or a new figure).


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