Retro NCS – Jackal, Spider-Uk and MCU (Yondu)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, let’s start with the news that Hasbro will at last be revealing their new Ghost Rider themed Haslab project this Friday, 16th September. Given the clue as well as the fact that there really can’t be anything other than it, we can assume it’s Robbie Reyes and his Hellcharger. As for what could be the tiers, beyond the other Ghost Riders, I think Mephisto or Blackheart could be one of them.

Anyway back onto the NCS. Today we start and finish our look back at the Sandman baf wave. I have already done the NCS for Green Goblin, Shocker, Spider-man 2099, Ms. Marvel, Spider-man and Venom (Klyntar) and the BAF Sandman. Today we will talk about the two remaining characters with the man behind the Clone Saga (even though he was manipulated by Osborn) Jackal as well as the Spider of the Captain Britain Corps, Spider-UK (Earth-833). I think the Jackal behind is a totally under used figure, with Jackal being the only one so far. After D23, I do see it being used for a Werewolf by Night soon. As for Spider-uk, I think this is a brilliant figure. As for why there is a Spider in the CBC, if you actually look it up, there is a British version of most heroes in the Corps.

We also start our look back at the GOTG Titus wave. Unlike the Sandman wave, I have only done two MCU characters, Star-Lord (MCU) and Drax (MCU). So, let’s finish the MCU figures of the wave with a look at Yondu (MCU). That leaves four regular figures, one pack in and the BAF to do.

I have decided to leave all the Family and other stuff until after I finish off doing ALL the character I haven’t done, thus the reason I did three characters today instead of my usual one. So next time we will continue our look at the Titus wave with a look at Sam Alexander, Phish and Darkhawk.


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