NCS + Universe – Wolvie II and XTAS Morph

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get into the NCS of today, I just want to say I won’t be doing the Ms. Marvel MCU’s page until the week after the series ends. I just want to let the series run so I can get more information on the character. That being said, I have done the NCS for 2 characters today, first being Wolvie II (Mojoverse). Just to let people, the ones that were supposed to come with the original Toybiz Mojo series are different characters to this guy. He is more famous for being on the Exiles team that included Blink, Peggy Carter’s Captain America, Iron Lad, and the comic book version of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie.

I also added a quick NCS for Morph (X-men: The Animated Series). Fun fact. The original idea for the cartoon was to have Thunderbird (the original one) died instead but the creators were worried about killing the only Native American in the show. They learnt of the Changeling, a minor X-men villain and once member, and decided to us him instead. However, because DC’s Beast Boy was using the codename at the time, they had to change it to Morph.

I have also the Dogpool’s Universe, Doomed Universe, Dystopia Universe, Morphverse and SP//Dr Universe to the Misc. Universe page.

Next Tuesday (I’m working Monday), I will be doing an Ideal wave. Gee, I wonder what will it be based on?


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