NCS + Alts – Spinneret and MCU Moon Knight

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the (so far, latest) figures from the Spider-man: Beyond Amazing line by looking at Spider-mom, or as she is more commonly known as Spinneret (Renew Your Vows). Honestly, out of the 2 figures in this set, this is the one I’m looking forward to more. Spider-man is great and all but I’m tired of the Classic form.

I also did a quick NCS for Moon Knight (MCU). Not much to say about this. I really enjoyed the series. Hopefully, we will get a Khonshu or Scarlet Scarab soon. Speaking of the MCU, I went to see Multiverse of Madness over the weekend, and I really enjoyed it. However, because I saw it, I will have to leave the NCS from that wave for another 2 weeks to give people a chance to see it. People who saw the movie will know what I mean.

I have also added a Moon Knights and Marc Spector (Multiverse) to the alternates.

Next time we will look at Spider-man’s first ever villain, Chameleon.


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