NCS, Alt and Updates – Animated Jean Grey

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. As you may have heard they announced that we will be getting a 90’s animated, cell-shaded Jean Grey. No figure has been revealed but they did show the box art. I have added the Jean Grey (90’s cartoon) NCS page but will change the image tomorrow when we get the official images (more than likely a render). Fun fact about this, the Dark Phoenix saga of the series didn’t appear until series 3 of the show. I honestly thought it was during the first season.

I have also updated the Silk and Dr. Octopus pages with the new figures. I didn’t replace the older figure, because for Silk, it depends on whether you want the long or short hair version, and for Ock, it’s more the fact of which head you like better.

I have also added the following Alts to the site:

Tomorrow (unless RL gets in the way), we will finish off the Controller wave.

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