Rumor Round-Up – What could we see on Marvel Monday?

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. As most collectors know, Hasbro’s Marvel team will be hosting their first Livestream of the year on Monday the 21st of February. I don’t expect many figures but from people I have talked to there is at least one wave confirmed for Pre-orders soon. I have done several Round-ups recently so instead of just repeating what I wrote the last time, I instead will be ranking the list in what I think will be the most likely to be revealed. Note: There is nothing to say that Hasbro won’t reveal more but I am going by what I have seen so far. These will be in order of “Most likely” to “No chance of being revealed”.

We start off with probably the one with the highest chance of being revealed, the 20th Anniversary Marvel Legends Toad. This is the only figure among the rumored that has been confirmed to be coming by the Hasbro team. With The Captain America been released and the Iron Man slowly coming out, it seems most likely that this will be one of the first thing they revealed.

For the next one I’m sure will be revealed, because I have heard that a few stores have it in their systems for a Pre-order soon but not an exact date, is the fully Comic based Avenger’s wave. We have been hearing about this wave since last year (Thanks for JayC and JTPrime). In case you missed it or can’t make out the image, the wave MAY consist of Blue Marvel, US Agent, Speedball, Viper, Quake, Another Iron Man and Thor. The BAF will not be known until the reveal.

Next, we have stuff we already know are coming. While Hasbro hasn’t confirmed it, we expect that the Iron Spider and Knull that were previously revealed to be confirmed as part of a 60th Spider-man wave. As for Knull, we have listing that he will be a 2-pack and the suspect is of course a Venom figure, most likely Cosmic Venom. As for the rest of the line, I don’t expect much from the list (see below). We may get a tease, but I don’t expect much from it.

The rest of the line consist of:

  • Spider-Verse Peni Parker and SP//DR (Or Noir but I’m getting more -evidence of SP//DR)
  • Homecoming Ned Leeds and Peter Parker
  • Spineret and Spider-man (Renew your Vows)
  • Toei OR Nick Hammond Spider-man (with Toei being the most likely)
  • First Appearance Spider-man
  • Animated Spider-man
  • Walmart Exclusive Retro Lizard
  • Future Foundation Spider-man
  • Target Exclusive Tobey Maguire Spider-man
  • Amazon Exclusive Spider-woman and Silk
  • Into the Spider-verse deluxe set.
  • Spider-slayer (this is having no evidence yet.)
  • Bag-Man

Next let’s talk about the one that I know someone will bring up. While I expect Hasbro to show the production sample figure of the 2 Hawkeyes, I absolutely do NOT expect them to reveal the Moon Knight figure for his show. Yes, there are at least 2 or 3 trailers now, but Hasbro has an arrangement with Marvel that Marvel themselves will reveal figure from the D+ series. so, expect that to be revealed the Friday after the series begins (if not a few weeks after). And don’t even get me started on the Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk figures. They don’t even have teaser trailers out yet.

We are starting to get onto the stuff that have very little chance of being revealed, with the Mojo Mega Deluxe figure that JayC leaked last week being the slightly higher chance of being revealed. No real reason why I think this, just that for the first reveal of the year, ending it on this would make sense.

Next, we have the rest of the 20th Anniversary, which I suspect won’t be revealed at this time. This is because Hasbro announced that there will be an event, either a youtuber reveal, livestream or just put up for PO, on the 20th of each month. (The only reason we are having a livestream this Monday is because the 20th of this month is a Sunday.) Considering that this is a Fan Channel line, I expect them to be revealed monthly instead.

The rest of the line MAY consist of:

  • -Firelord
  • -Sentinel
  • -Apocalypse
  • -Beast
  • -MVC War Machine
  • -Scorpion
  • -Mr. Negative
  • -Second Captain America

Finally, we have stuff that I am 99% sure will not be revealed and that is the figures for the “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” waves. These movies are just too far out that Hasbro cannot reveal anything for them at this time. We do know a few figures that may get released but with the contract with Marvel, it is extremely unlikely that we will see any figures from these waves. I think it goes without saying but this also includes the “Across the Spider-verse” wave and the “The Marvels” wave as well as that King Valkyrie deluxe set. The Thor lists have MCU versions of Thor, Foster Thor and Gorr and the Black Panther listing have Comic Black Panther and Hatut Zeraze as well as a deluxe set and re-releases.

And that pretty much it, I think. There is the Hawkeye 2-pack, a separate 3-pack, and some vintage stuff but this is what we can expect to be revealed on Monday. Also, I would like to say there is NO CHANCE of a second NWH being revealed. Not that they won’t eventually get reveal but I suspect it would be until the next fall at the earliest.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or on any of the social media sites. Oh and do tell me how wrong I am. /sarcasm.


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