Retro NCS + Updates – Gamora (Comic and MCU)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back at the first ever GOTG wave. Before we get talking about the characters found in the wave, I just want to talk about the wave as a whole. While the wave is nothing special in this day and age, it was the start of another thread that Hasbro still does today. No not the mixing of MCU and comic figures. They did that long before the Infinity line. It is the low effort waves you see for all new franchises. You see at the time, GOTG was the most extreme chance Marvel Studio was making. The property wasn’t well known even to Comic readers. As such, Hasbro didn’t take any chance and didn’t put their A-game into this wave, which is why not only is Iron Man in the wave, but the MCU figures were badly done. It was a way to ensure that if the movie fails, Hasbro will still be able to make a small bit of money from it. You see this continuing to this day, with the like of Shang-Chi, Eternal, Black Widow, etc. This is a safety measure. However, as is usually the cause, if a movie does well enough, they put a much better effort into the sequel waves. Look at the two Vol.2 waves for GOTG as an example. Much better waves IMO. So next time you see a new MCU movie franchise with a bad ML wave, know that this is the reason.

Any way back onto the characters. I have already done Nova (Rider), Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon (and his MCU counterpart), Drax the Destroyer (MCU counterpart coming soon) and Groot (and his MCU counterpart). So today we look at the only female character with a look at Gamora (Church of Universal Truth Universe) and her MCU counterpart. Out of all the comic designs for Gamora, I hope we get the armored one soon. Yes, I know Select has done it, but I want a properly scaled ML version.

I have also updated the Wolverine (90’s Cartoon), Jubilee (90’s Cartoon) and Mr. Sinister (90’s Cartoon). All of these are just replacing the 3d Renders with the actual figures.

Next time we will look at the last remaining member of the main GOTG team, Starlord, both his comic and MCU versions.


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