Retro NCS + Alts – Ultimate Green Goblin

Hey, my follow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back on the first wave of the Spider-man subline by looking at the BAF of the wave, Green Goblin (Ultimate). I remember when this was announced people were like “Is this going to be in the movie?” and every Ultimates Universe fans slapped their forehead. But honestly, this is only needed if you want to building your Ultimate Universe collection. (Note to self: I need to make a list of Ultimate figures.)

I have also added the following Alts:

  • Red Guardians – This took quite a while and also allowed me to add all the missing (male) Red Guardians that wore the suit.
  • Toxin Wearers – I also added the Bren Waters version since he is basically the Deluxe version without the back tendrils.

Next time we still start to look at the first ever non-sequel MCI wave by looking at the GOTG Groot wave with the deadliest woman in the galaxy, Gamora.

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