NCS + Rumor Updates – Boomerang and more Spider-men 60th

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, yes, I have watched the Moon Knight trailer. Yes, I do think it looks fecking awesome. Yes, I have an Ideal Wave planned for it but won’t post it until the week of the show. (Don’t know when I will be off but Monday of that week.)

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the only NCS of this week, Boomerang. Let’s be honest people. If it weren’t for the “Superior Foes of Spider-man” we would never have this figure. Thanks to that series we also got a Speed Demon and female Beetle, to say nothing of the Shocker and pack-in Silvermaine. All we need now is the Override figure.

Next week we will look at the BAF of this wave Ultimate Universe Green Goblin.

Now onto some more Rumor updates. Late night our boy Rektangular posted another video of some more figures for the 60th line of Spider-man. (See his video below). In it he says we may be getting:

  • A new mega deluxe figure (similar to MODOK.)
  • Unknown 3-pack
  • Unknown Vintage card figure (possible fan channel)
  • A new Future Foundation Spider-man
  • A Target exclusive Tobey Maguire Spider-man
  • An Amazon Exclusive Spider-woman and Silk 2-pack
  • A Spider-slayer
  • A Spider-verse wave (which I assume will be for the “Across the Spider-verse” movie and not the first one since it’s out this year.)
  • A Bag-Man figure

Also hitting the web, JTPrime let us know that we may be getting a Into the Spider-verse Deluxe set. No word on what it is but the biggest contenders are Spider-verse Liv Octavius, Scorpion and Kingpin..

So adding these to yesterday’s post we MAY be getting:

  • Avengers Comic wave
    • US Agent
    • Speedball
    • Blue Marvel
    • Quake
    • Madame Hydra
    • Iron Man
    • Thor
  • Disney +
    • Clint Barton
    • Kate Bishop
    • Ms. Marvel
    • Moon Knight
  • A Hawkeye 2-pack
  • Black Panther re-releases
    • Black Panther
    • Shuri
    • Nakia
    • Killmonger
    • Okoye
    • M’Baku
  • Wakanda Forever
    • Black Panther (Comic based)
    • Hatut Zeraze (Army Builder)
  • Black Panther Deluxe set
  • Thor Love and Thunder wave
    • Thor
    • Jane Foster’s Thor
    • Gorr
  • Spider-man 60th Anniversary
    • Knull and Venom
    • Spider-Verse Peni Parker and SP//DR (Or Noir but I’m getting more evidence of SP//DR)
    • Homecoming Ned Leeds and Peter Parker
    • Spineret and Spider-man (Renew your Vows)
    • Toei OR Nick Hammond Spider-man (with Toei being the most likely)
    • First Appearance Spider-man
    • Animated Spider-man
    • Iron Spider
    • Walmart Exclusive Retro Lizard
    • Future Foundation Spider-man
    • Target Exclusive Tobey Maguire Spider-man
    • Amazon Exclusive Spider-woman and Silk
    • Into the Spider-verse deluxe set.
    • Spider-slayer (this is has no evidence yet.)
  • Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary
    • Confirmed Cap, Iron man, Hulk and Toad (not shown)
    • Firelord
    • Sentinel
    • Apocalypse
    • Beast
    • MVC War Machine
    • Scorpion
    • Mr. Negative
    • CAP?
  • Unknown Mega Deluxe
  • Unknown 3-pack
  • Unknown Vintage carded

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