Rumor Round-Up -17 Jan 21

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s been a busy weekend with many rumors being leaked. It can be hard to keep track so I thought I would do a roundup of all the rumors I could find. This will be especially handy as I believe we are heading into a busy month in February, as I suspect Hasbro won’t let the Toy Fair’s cancellation stop them from revealing more figures.

Before we get onto the rumor, I will only be using reliable sources for these rumors, that being mostly JayC, JTPrime and Rektangular, so that listing people “saw” on theFwoosh discord for a Future Foundation Spidey and more WILL NOT be included. Also remember we will NOT know the BAF for any of these waves until they are officially revealed.

Starting with what seems to be the earliest rumor that has not yet been officially revealed, is the Comic Book based Avenger’s wave. This was revealed by JayC and JTPrime as is supposed to include a Speedball, Blue Marvel, Quake, Madame Hydra, US Agent, Iron Man and Thor. None of the versions of these have been confirmed. I suspect that this will be the next wave that will be revealed by Hasbro soon.

Sticking to regular wave, we do know that there is another Disney+ wave coming. However, we don’t know what will be in it. We do know that the 2 Hawkeyes that were revealed a few weeks back during the shows airing could be part of it alongside what we believe is Moon Knight and Ms Marvel. No word about the rest of the wave. HOWEVER, there is also a Hawkeye 2-pack rumored to be coming. While it is extremely possible that the 2-pack could be the 2 Hawkeyes mentioned before, it’s entirely possible the set could be a comic-based set, based on the fact that Hasbro has released a comic version for each of the D+ series so far.

Moving onto Black Panther and Wakanda Forever, we do know there will be a couple of re-releases of several of the first movie’s figures. These include Black Panther, Shuri, Killmonger and Nakia as well as Okoye and M’Baku. We do NOT know how these will be released, be it part of a “Best of wave”, some Infinity Sagas set or some other sort of release. What we do know is that they will not be part of the Wakanda Forever wave. JTPrime and others have been careful not to reveal the MCU figures of the wave to avoid spoiler, but we do know the 2 comic-based figures of the wave, which included a Black Panther (unknown version, who is included because it’s a Black Panther wave but there won’t be a T’Challa in the wave because of Chadwick Boseman’s death) and Hatut Zeraze Army Builder (which people are mistaking as White Wolf, which they are not. They are essentially a special attack force of Wakanda. See Here.) There is also a Deluxe set, but we don’t know what that will be. Rekt only wishes it were Man-Ape before anyone says it.

A quick update about the Thor: Love and Thunder wave. JTPrime has confirmed three figures for this wave, all of which are MCU based. These are Thor, Jane Foster Thor and Gorr. These are obvious inclusions as they are the main cast members. No word on the rest of the line at this moment.

That’s it for the waves. There are a few waves that we know are coming but NOTHING has been revealed for them and they could be pushed back until next year as well. But that is not all that will be coming next year as we celebrate 2 Anniversaries. The first and what I think most are looking forward to is the Spider-man 60th Anniversary. We know that Iron Spider-man and Knull will be in this Line but there are quite a few new leaks. I report before that Knull will be part of a 2-pack but we now know that he will be coming with Venom (which was obvious). No word about which version but the biggest contenders are Classic Venom on the Retro body, Cosmic Venom with his axe or Dillon’s Venom. We also got another confirmation of Spider-verse Peni Parker and SP//DR as well as Ned Leeds and Peter Parker (which is where the Backpack is supposed to come from.) That all the known stuff but we now know that we will be getting a Spineret and Spider-man 2-pack (No word on if it will include Spider-ling), a Toei Supaidaman (or Nick Hammond’s Spider-man as the listing has both 70’s and Toei in it but the Emissary of Evil is higher on the chances of being made), Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-man (Basically a remake of his First Appearance costume), an Animated Spider-man (people are arguing whether it’s the 90’s, 60’s or other version) and a previously reported Walmart exclusive Retro Lizard.

Just this morning, Rekt released a video (See below) about the 20th Anniversary of Marvel Legends. We know that Iron Man Cap and Hulk are confirmed with Toad also being confirmed by the team themselves but not shown. He found that we will be getting a Firelord (this was more or less confirmed by Hasbro), a Sentinel (given the price it will not be a large figure. Possibly a First Appearance or Alpha version), an Apocalypse (which we might presume is a X-men VHS version), a Beast, a MVC War Machine, Scorpion, Mr. Negative and what is being called CAP.

AAAANNNNNDDDD I think that’s it. I hope that is because that is a lot and it’s not even everything that is coming out this year. If there is anything I missed please let me know. To summarise all I talked about:

  • Avengers Comic wave
    • US Agent
    • Speedball
    • Blue Marvel
    • Quake
    • Madame Hydra
    • Iron Man
    • Thor
  • Disney +
    • Clint Barton
    • Kate Bishop
    • Ms. Marvel
    • Moon Knight
  • A Hawkeye 2-pack
  • Black Panther re-releases
    • Black Panther
    • Shuri
    • Nakia
    • Killmonger
    • Okoye
    • M’Baku
  • Wakanda Forever
    • Black Panther (Comic based)
    • Hatut Zeraze (Army Builder)
  • Black Panther Deluxe set
  • Thor Love and Thunder wave
    • Thor
    • Jane Foster’s Thor
    • Gorr
  • Spider-man 60th Anniversary
    • Knull and Venom
    • Spider-Verse Peni Parker and SP//DR
    • Homecoming Ned Leeds and Peter Parker
    • Spineret and Spider-man (Renew your Vows)
    • Toei OR Nick Hammond Spider-man (with Toei being the most likely)
    • First Appearance Spider-man
    • Animated Spider-man
    • Iron Spider
    • Walmart Exclusive Retro Lizard
  • Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary
    • Confirmed Cap, Iron man, Hulk and Toad (not shown)
    • Firelord
    • Sentinel
    • Apocalypse
    • Beast
    • MVC War Machine
    • Scorpion
    • Mr. Negative
    • CAP?

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