Best Exclusives Single, 2-pack, Multi-pack and Fan Channel single of 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week we began our second week of the Best of Marvel Legends with a survey asking what the best Exclusive figure of the year was. We had a ton of votes and almost all of them were extremely close. Thankfully, I didn’t have any hate voting because we were talking about Exclusive. So, let’s get onto the winner. As a reminder, the winner of these will move onto the finals.

Best Single Exclusive

3rd Place with 10% of the Vote: Pulse Exclusive Spider-man Retro Venom

2nd Place with 14% of the Vote – Tie: Walgreen’s The Fallen / Silver Surfer and Walmart’s Infinity War Captain America

Winner with 18%: Walgreen’s Nova

While it took a good bit to get to the US (with us in the EU having it since Spring), but Richard Riders Classic costume update won this year. Not surprising as Walgreen’s have always been a strong contender for the voting.

Best 2-pack Exclusive

3rd Place with 14%: Target’s Infinity Saga Happy Hogan and Butterstock Iron Man

2nd Place with 27% – Tie: Amazon’s Infinity Saga Rescue and Captain Marvel AND Fan Channel Red Guardian and Melina

Winner with 31% – World Domination MODOK and the Captain

As you can see this was remarkably close, but people have voted, and Elvis MODOK and The Captain have won. Maybe it was the goofy nature of the MODOK. Maybe it was the obscurity of the Captain. Maybe it was the box. Hell, it could have been the Burger laser.

Best Multi-Pack Exclusive

2nd place 49%: Amazon’s Children of Thanos Box set

Winner 51%: Amazon’s Wolverine Box set

This wave very close and one of the only time I had to use my “last minute tie-breaking vote privilege” to pick a winner. Yes, I picked the Wolverine set. What can I say? It was a much better set in my opinion. Sure, the COT had much, much better representation of the MCU characters, but they were all characters we have had before. The Wolverine set gave us three highly requested characters. Say what you will about how it was reveal or the relationship to Wolverine but new characters should always win IMHO.

Best Fan Channel Single

3rd place 16% – Tie: Spider-man 2099 and Firestar

2nd place 18%: Sandman

Winner 24%: Hercules

You guys seems to enjoy the guys in speedos. LOL Joking aside, from the start there was a clear winner. All but Web-man managed to get a vote, but Hercules was leading from the start. Hopefully, this will encourage Hasbro to make a new, classic version.

Well, that was the best exclusives of the years. Did your picks win? Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites. I would like to remind people as always; you give voted for these so don’t whine that yours didn’t make it. The next part will be up later tonight.

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