News – Disney + Hawkeye and Kate Bishop revealed

(Stupid fecking work making me late again). Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. The Disney+ Hawkeye series is on its third episode and fans have been asking, where of the figures? Well, Hasbro, via Marvel’s Must Have post where they reveal various merchandise for the series, has revealed both Barton and Bishop. At the moment, they have only shown CGI renders but if you look at Kate, she is sporting not only double-jointed elbow but also butterfly shoulders. Is this the first for a female figure? It is currently unknown where or how this be released but there is a store listing for a Hawkeye 2-pack so that maybe it. Given that many of the shows have been held back until the summer, that may be the case. On a personal note, I hope Lucky the Pizza dog is part of the set.

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