Retro NCS and Alts – Hyperions

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Hit-Monkey wave with a look at the official Super-man rip-off (hey, even Marvel admits it) with a look at Hyperion (Earth-S). I’m pretty sure this is the version that Hasbro based this figure on but there is so many I could be wrongs. He is definitely not the Sinister version, the recent Heroes reborn version or the one that joined the Avengers (who I think should really get made soon).

As for the wave itself, when it first released, I like it but now I find that Hasbro really dropped the ball with this. A tiny BAF that could have been packed in with another character or even by itself with the biggest BAF piece. The then unreleased figures (why are we still waiting on Lyra Hasbro). And finally, still using builds from Toybiz. The only thing that is a plus is that the got a number of characters that have yet to be redone.

Anyway, I have also added the following Alts thanks to Moonstar, Morph (Age Of Apocalypse) and Mysterio:

There won’t be a NCS tomorrow since I will be starting this years “Best of Marvel Legends”. So, on Wednesday, we will look at and finish the end wave, the Rocket Racoon wave, by looking at the leader of the Wrecking Crew, the Wrecker.


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