Retro NCS – Xorn

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I’m off the week. I have my second jab on Wednesday. We have a livestream for Marvel Legends on Wednesday. Galactus is just over 40 unit from the 9000 backers. So that means I have a week of plastic goodness to look forward to. However I only have one character to talk about today.

Up today we that about Xorn. I am probably one of the few people who didn’t like Grant Morrisons run on the X-men. None of the dialogue made sense to me. But I did like Xorn when he was first introduced. And then they did that reveal. Yes it was retconned but it made me hate the character. Also don’t get him confused with his brother, Shen Xorn, who has been in the comics since Xorn’s death.

Tomorrow we will look at the baf of the wave, Blob.

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