Retro NCS – Blob, Danger and XCU Colossus

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on our second day of our (hopefully) week long new NCS contents. Since we haven’t had any leaks for tomorrow’s livestream (yet), let’s finish off the second ever Hasbro Marvel Legends wave with a look at the BAF of the wave, Blob. Being one of the X-men’s most recurring villains and a near constant member of the Brotherhood, both in comic and other media, it’s surprised me that we haven’t gotten another (and better) version of him made yet. The only thing I can think of is Hasbro is afraid of those people complaining that Hasbro is body shaming, even though he is one of the toughest villain Marvel has.

Since that wave is done we head over to the next wave, the Brood Queen wave. I have already done a NCS for Black Knight, Winter Soldier (Bucky), Captain America (obviously) and Cyclops. I also should note that the Hydra Soldiers will have an improved army builder NCS at some point but since they are not individual character, I won’t be doing them for a while. As for the Brood Queen, since I can’t find anything that make her a unique character, she will instead be added to the Race NCS at some point. That leave 3 characters of this wave to do (but only 2 today).

We start off with what I believe is the last of the current Fox’s X-men characters in the form Colossus (XCU). I think all of us can agree that we don’t want this version to be remade. Instead we want the Deadpool version to be done.

Finally we will have one of the break out characters of the Whedon run of the X-men comics, the Danger room brought to life, Danger. I like how later writers have made her a more heroic character and let her join the X-men. In all fairness, she didn’t deserve to be locked away for all those year just because Xavier wanted to train the X-men. I swear Xavier is the greatest threat to Human and Mutants relations. Forget Magneto and Apocalypse.

Like I said, tomorrow we have the Livestream where we can expect some new figures and hopefully some new characters. I will hopefully be reporting on it, but that’s will depend on how I feel after my second jab.

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