Retro NCS – Ultimate Wolverine and 2 XCU characters

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Just a quick update to the Galactus Haslab project. I hope you have backed it if you wanted it as we are currently at 7700 backer at the moment. If you wish to backer it you can head to the following:

We’re waiting for more countries to go up but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Anyway back to what we were here for. Today we look back on some of the original Hasbro Marvel Legends by looking at the regular figures of the Blob wave. I have already done a NCS for Yellowjacket (under Giant-Man), She-Hulk, Quicksilver and of course Thor so today we look at amish……I mean Wolverine (Ultimate). This figure actually had 2 versions of him, one part of this wave and another a blue repaint. Neither are worth getting. I’m actually extremely surprised Hasbro hasn’t remade this. They must be running low on Wolverin variants by now.

Whiler we are talking about figures that are not worth it, I also did a quick NCS for Jean Grey (XCU) and Juggernaut (XCU). While I do hope we get a new version of Jean Grey, preferably in one of her X1 and X2 costumes, if Hasbro never makes a Vinnie Jones’ Juggernaut figure again I think we will all be happy. No. Instead give us the Deadpool 2 version.

Next time we will look at the final regular figure of the wave Xorn. If I have time I will also talk about the BAF Blob.

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