NCS – Tigra and Callisto

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. With Hasbro finally giving us a break with the reveals for at least the rest of June, we can now catch up with all the character that have been revealed since. We have 2 characters to do today, one is a remake and another is a brand new character.

We start off with the long requested remake of the Avengers’ Tigra. My first interaction with her was with the horrible 90’s Avengers cartoon, where they basically made her the shows version of Rogue. As for the comics, I first saw her in the Avengers: Infinity story where a bunch of random Avengers went into space when they were summoned by Quasar. Also before anyone says it, you cannot use the Hellcat figure for Greer’s Cat costume as they are colored differently with different hair color.

Next up we have a look at the leader of the Morlocks, Callisto. Callisto has been a character that most people probably know from the cartoon, having her first encounter with the X-men recreated from the comic just swapping Angel with Cyclops. As for whether we will get another Morlock, besides Marrow (who I can see coming soon), I doubt we will see many of the Morlocks anytime soon. They haven’t really been important since the Massacre with them only appearing sparingly.

Next time (hopefully Thursday if not Monday again) we will look at the other 2 new characters from the Wolverine box set, the manipulating Mastermind and the sadistic Cyber.

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