NCS – Mastermind and Cyber

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Wolverine Box set with the last 2 new characters of the set. I know this set cause some people to become upset but if it means I get 3 brand new characters, I’ll take it.

We start off today with the person that basically caused the Dark Phoenix saga, Mastermind. Honestly if you think about it, his obsession with Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey is a bit uncomfortable, considering he is much older then either them. Also, am I the only one who didn’t realise that Pixie is supposed to be his daughter as well? Though it does make sense since her pixie dust causes illusions.

Finishing off the set we have the one person Wolverine is afraid of (though this may have been Romulus manipulation), Cyber. I have been wishing for this for my Wolverine villains shelf for a while. I actually had a heated discussion with another collector about how this should be made. It was before it was announced but He said it should be done on the AOA Colossus BAF. I told him its too big and should be done on the modern Colossus build, which I believe was done with Cyber in mind for the future. I’m being pet, but who is right now sucker?! lol

Next time, probably Monday, with will look at the classic Spider-man villain Sandman, with a brief NCS for Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius and Gameverse Miles.

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