NCS – Guardsman and Ursa Major

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Hasbro may be preparing for another flood of reveals on Monday but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing NCSs. Especially since I haven’t caught up with the Fan Fest reveals yet! Speaking of which, today we finish off the Ursa Major wave with a look at 2 brand new characters.

First off we look at the second one to wear the armor and the brother of the first, Guardsman (Michael O’Brien). Before anyone says it, Kevin wore a different costume version compared to his brother. Also while it is advertise as the Vault Guardsmen (which I will get onto when I do the Army Builders), Michael wore this costume first and actually gave his armor to the Vault for them to replicate. Also I would recommend waiting for this to go up in the Pulse as a cheaper figure to army build guys. No point in wasting the money and then having Hasbro release it cheaper.

We finished the wave with a look at the big, vodka drinking, foul mouth bear, Ursa Major. I have been wanting this guy for year but not for what you may think. I have been wanting for my Winter Guard yes but also so that it can be reused for Spider-man/Ant-man ally Grizzly. I think we will see a deluxe release of Grizz in the near future, as Hasbro has indicate they will get around to him.

Next time, we will start a look at the second AOA wave with a look at Sabretooth. I did add the Shang-Chi wave to the schedule but I’m currently hearing that they may be up for Pre-order on Sunday so I’ll wait to get better images of that before we do that wave.

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