NCS – Darkstar and Vanguard

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at the Ursa Major wave with a look at the Russian bombshell, Darkstar. I have been asking for this figure for years, usually as part of a Black Widow wave, since not only are they both Russian but also because they were on the same team in the Champions of LA.

For the next figure, we look at her brother, Vanguard. You may be thinking but we haven’t gotten a Vanguard figure. Well, we have. You see Vanguard has been sporting the Red Guardian costume for years now. In fact he has had more appearances as the shield bearer then he has as Vanguard. Also He is currently wearing the Red Guardian costume in the most recent Winter Guard team. I was going to wait to do him when I was did alternate Red Guardians (there is alot) but with his sister and teammate both coming in the same wave, I said I get him out of the way.

Next time we will look at the person who first wore the Guardsman suit that would be taken by the Vault guards as well as finishing the Ursa Major wave with a look at the vodka drinking bear himself.

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