NCS – Ironheart, Web-Man and MCU Baron Zemo

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We jump back into new NCS following the Hasbro Fan Fest with a look at three new character. One is the Fan Channel exclusive character that was created as part of a Tie-In comic with the Electric Company TV show, Web-Man (Mirror-World). I know this is a easy repaint and a fun figures but for the life of me I can’t figure out why Hasbro decided to make this version. Is it because Poundz did a custom of him?

Next we have a quick look at a character we don’t officially know where is coming but we know it’s coming in the Disney+ wave, Baron Zemo (MCU). I think so far this and the Scarlet Witch figure are the 2 better looking figures of this wave and honestly this is the only you can use in a comic collection.

Lastly we start of look of the Ursa Major wave with a look at the only female figure that is 100% new sculpt, Ironheart. I know many people don’t like Riri, but I just can’t hate her. Especially after Marvel took her away from Bendis and allowed her to be written better. Also I know that it’s not the suit everyone want (the MKIII is the one most wanted) but with her Disney+ show coming, I’m sure we will see it eventually.

Next time we will look at the Russian siblings, Darkstar and Vanguard.

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