NCS – Franklin and Herbie

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday I made a bit of an oppsie. I accidently skipped 2 characters. Not to worry as I will talk about them here. Starting off today we have the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman, who was the most powerful mutant until Marvel recently retconned it, Franklin Richards, AKA Powerhouse.

Rant incoming. How is it that a character who has been in the comics for over 50 years and with the teams near dozens of cartoons, including appearances in other series, multiple games and 4 bloody movies, Franklin has yet to make the jump from the comics?! I mean outside a few people, many people don’t even know that Reed and Sue have a son, let alone a daughter. 50 years and they don’t know they have a son. I really hope that when they make the son into the MCU, the one of first thing they do is insure that Franklin is introduced. Maybe have Sue pregnant in a guest appearance and then have the son born when they get their own movie. (For more ideas of what they need to do in the MCU F4 – 8 Things Marvel Studios need to do for their Fantastic Four movie).

Also up today, we have the character that was created to replace the Human Torch in the 70’s cartoon, Highly Engineered Robot Built for Interdimensional Exploration, also known as H.E.R.B.I.E.. For people who don’t know, Herbie was not created because the developers of the cartoon thought that people would set themselves on fire. (Kid aren’t that stupid). Instead it was the case that Marvel had license several character out to Universal in order to make some live action movies or TV series. Johnny was one of them and because of this Marvel couldn’t use him for the series. Instead Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Herbie as a replacement. He would make the jump to comic soon after and become a fan favourite since.

Now that those 2 are out of the way, tomorrow I will do Hulkling and Iron Lad.

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