8 Things Marvel Studios need to do for their Fantastic Four movie

Hey gang. I need a break from researching and there is the fact that Hasbro will be revealing stuff on Friday (22th May 2020) so I thought I do something I have been planning to do for a while. I know that this is an action figure site but this has been something I have been thinking about ever since Disney bought Fox. That is if I was Kevin Fiege and I was to make the F4 movie in the MCU what would the things that I have to do to make it a proper movie.

So I thought about it and found 8 things that Marvel Studios has to do when they make the F4 movie. Note that these are my personal opinions but I like alot of people thing the same as well. If you don’t agree, well let me know below.

This is not in any particular order so let dive right in.

1. Don’t Make Sue a Scientist

We start off with something that might upset some people. However, it has to be said that Sue Storm is not a scientist! She is my favorite member of the F4 and is extremely smart. But she is not a Scientist. She is first and foremost a mother. Now I know people will criticize me for saying that. “Why should a woman be portrayed as a mother?” But think of it this way, not only does she have to raise her own children both of which are extremely powerful mutants, when she was only a teenager, she had to take up the task of raising her younger brother after their father was sent to jail. Can you imagine what it could have been like to have to give up everything for it? But Sue rose to the task and has become Marvel Premier Mama. However, if you have to show how smart she is, there are other ways to do so and that is by showing her impressive business mind. Ever wonder how Reed get all those patents for his inventions or how they pay their employees. Yeah, that was all Sue. She runs Fantastic Four Inc.

02. Make Johnny Storm a teenager

If you can anyone what was the best part of the 2 previous versions the F4 movies, they would say both actor portrayals of Johnny Storm. However, I found that they were too old for the roles. Johnny has always been portrayed as the much younger member of the four which matches his hot head nature and powers. In the comics, he is about the same age as Spider-man, who friendship is one of the closest in comics. But I’m saying make him a high schooler like Spidey. Instead make him a college student. Hell, that is a way to introduce him into the MCU. Peter Parker goes to a college open day and see Johnny showing off, thinking he is going to endanger the students. They get into a fight initially but later in the movie would team up to fight the movies’ villain.

03. Don’t have Thing be broading

We all know Ben Grimm’s story. Turned into a monster, blames Reed for turning him into it and broad because he is not human any more? Yeah, no. That was only the story for the first couple of years. Since then not only has he come to accept his fate, he has embraced it. He not longer dwells on it and live his life like a normal person. This is mostly because of his relationship with Alicia Masters, who doesn’t care what he looks like. (Granted she is blind but shush). Instead of showing him constantly broading, show him having fun with his form. Sure, you can show him wanting to be a human again but don’t make it his whole character.

04 Have Sue and Reed Already married

Do you guys know how long Sue and Reed have been married in the comics? Nearly 60 years! Sure they may have separated at times but they would always return to each other. But both movies (and some cartoon) have them being about to be engage or have the having a budding romance. I get why they did it in the first movie (to recreate the scene with Stan Lee being kick out of the ceremony), but with him gone, there is no point in them not being married already. Hell when they are first introduced in another movie, have Sue be pregnant with Franklin. Speaking of which:

05 Introduce Franklin in the movies

50 years. 50 years in the comics. 2 movie franchise, 3 cartoons series and many cameos in other series. None of them have introduced the Richard’s kid. While I can accept his sister not being introduce since she is a more recent addition, it is totally unacceptable that they haven’t introduce him. Hell if you ask people if they knew that they had a son, they probably would say No. Like I said, when they are introduced in the MCU in another movie, have Sue be pregnant and when they get their own movie, have him already be born. Hell, you could even have the villains motivation be Franklin powers.

06 Don’t use Dr. Doom…………………yet

Speaking of which, Dear God, Feige DON’T USE DR. DOOM!!! Look, I love Dr. Doom. He is by far the best villain in all of Marvel and the F4 arch foe. But after 2 shitty attempts at him, I want to give someone else a chance. The F4 have a huge cast a villains they can choose from. My suggestion is Annihilus or Blastaar who kidnap Franklin because of his powers. But after all is said and done have Doom set up to be the main villain of the next phase so use this movie to set him up in a post credit seen, in Latveria as it’s ruler. It would make a great contract between Thanos, a god like being, against a normal human.

07 Don’t make it a superhero movie

What am I talking about? Well, for one thing the F4 aren’t superheroes. Not in the through sense of the word anyway. They are first and foremost, explorers. They go on adventures into the unknown. Hell, Jack Kirby based his designs for them off of his Explorers of the Unknown for DC. The main reasons they get into fight in the first place she because they went some place they shouldn’t (like the Negative Zone) or some one is jealous of them. Instead make this an family adventure movie, where they go to the Negative Zone.

08 Introduced each of them in another movie

Finally we should talk about how to introduce them into the MCU. And it actually really simple. They have always been there. They just don’t use their powers like the rest. Think about it, if you have so many heroes out there and you want to benefit people, wouldn’t the best thing to do is use your power, money and celebrity status in other means. Like for example, using Reed’s intelligence to build machine to help people. Hell, you can even have the Future Foundation be a charity to help people from the snap. As for how to introduce them, have each of them appear in other movies. Like I mention before have Johnny be a college student in a Spidey movie. Ben can pop up in the She-Hulk TV series to help beat down a monster (maybe her cousin). Finally have Reed and Sue pop up in the Ant-man movie. Something like, Hank needs help with an invention and has to go to one of his old students, Reed. They could even have Hope be old friends with Sue, who is happy she is pregnant.

Well. Do you agree or disagree? Tell tell me how wrong I am below or on any of the social media sites. Also if you were in charge what would the thing you would do to insure the F4 is a success.


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