NCS – Civil Warrior, The Hood and some character Updates.

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have a number of new and updated stuff to talk about today. We start off with an update to Dr. Doom. Why didn’t anyone tell me I forgot to add the God Doom figure to this page?! Good thing he is a fictional character, other wise Doom would not be pleased.

Next update is to the Red Guardian (MCU). I replace the Crimson Dynamo wave version with the new 2-pack version. I do maintain that the CD wave version might be his WWII version but until I can confirm it, I am going to leave it like that.

If anyone is wondering, I would be adding that Vision figure to the MCU page until after tomorrow’s episode in order to see if it is the same Vision or a new character.

Now onto the new stuff. First up we have a look at the Civil Warrior (Gamerverse). Not much to say about this figure. It is a Steve Rogers from the Contest of Champions game from an universe that saw Tony Stark die during the Civil War and Steve wore this armor in repent.

Lastly we have The Hood. While alot of people may not know of him, he is an important character for modern comic collectors. He actually manage to gather the super-villains into a well working gang. Yes I know that the figure is not the best but it is all we have for the time being.

The next character we will look at will be ironically one of the Toybiz characters that was next on the list to have a NCS done for it, before they officially announced the update, Lady Deathstrike. If I have time I might do Xemnu and Melina (MCU) as well, bring us up to date with all the new reveals.

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