NCS – Galactus and the H’ylthri’s Iron Fist

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at some older Marvel Legends from the Toybiz days that I have yet to do a NCS for with a look at the character who was the very first BAF and a character that was just brought into life to explain things away.

We start off with the World Devourer, Galactus. It’s ironically that on the day we can eat as many pancakes as we want, we have a guy who is known for his appetite. (I honestly don’t plan these coincidences. They just happen.) There’s a ongoing debate on whether he should be the next Haslab project. I’m all for it of course, even though I have the previous 2 versions. Galactus is usually the size of a skyscraper so the bigger the better.

We also have a look at the Red Iron Fist, Iron Fist (H’ylthri). I know some people will go onto say that Daniel Rand wore this costume, but most people generally think of this guy when they think of the Red Iron Fist. Plus if Hasbro ever does the Classic Iron Fist figure we have been asking for, then they also have an option of making this version as a Fan Channel repaint.

And that’s it for today and this week. With the Fan First Friday this week, I will be taking a small break for the week while we wait. If nothing new is announced, which is extremely unlikely, the next NCS will be Blackheart.

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