News – Fan First Friday 19/2/21 Summary

Hey my follow Plastic Addict. While I was at work today, Hasbro had their first “Fan First Friday” where they revealed quite a few new figures, including a number of brand new characters. Rather then rambling about it let just jump in. After the 3 3/4inch figures, they went onto talking about the Walgreens exclusives this year. Revealed last Livestream, we got a look at the Nova figure alongside with it’s accessories and packaging. It will also be coming with another member of the Nova Corps, Qubit. With this, we are building quite a legion of the Nova Corps. This will be released in the Spring. Following him in the summer, they will release a brand new character in the long waited, Quasar.

They then went onto reveal some teaser for upcoming waves. They haven’t revealed how they would be released but I will go through some rumors about them. They reveal the Civil Warrior figure that has been rumoured for a while. It is rumoured to be part of the Shang-Chi wave, alongside MCU versions of Shang-Chi, Leiku Wei, Mei Ling and comic version Iron Man and Death Dealer. The other figure revealed is a AI Iron Man from the time Iron Heart had taken over the book. Basically just a classic Iron Man with a hologram head. He will be part of the rumour Iron Man wave with a Modular Iron man, Stealth Iron Man, Iron Heart, Darkstar, Guardsman, and the already revealed Ultron.

Next they mentioned that you can hide all the extra pieces of MODOK can be stored in the back of the figure.

They finished off the reveals with a look at the full look at the Super Villains wave. Joining the already revealed Aim Scientist Supreme, Arcade and Dormammu we have Hood, God Doom (from the Secret Wars with Thanos’ skull and spine), Lady Deathstrike and classic Red Skull with the baf being Xenmu, a character that predates most Marvel characters, including the F4 and was Marvel’s first Hulk.

As for the usual tease, they showed a new sword. Most people have correctly guessed that it is Excalibur from the Captain Britain comics, so it will either be Braddock, Psylocke or (my hope) Lionheart.

Before heading off just a reminder that there is still the March Marvel Monday coming up. No Idea which Monday but it is coming.

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