NCS – Frog-man, ITSV Peter B. Parker and ITSV Prowler

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. I am back from my Christmas/New Years break. So let hop into some new NCS. (With who have are talking about today, I have been waiting all month to make that joke so sorry, not sorry). We began with looking at the stand out figure of the ‘Into The Spider-verse’ wave, Frog Man. For anyone asking, I will not be adding his father, Leap Frog. This is because the figure is too chubby to be him. Leap Frog was much more muscular then his son.

I have also we finish off that entire wave with a 2 quick looks at the Spider-man (Parker, Into the Spider-verse) and  Prowler (Into the Spider-verse).

Next time will finish the House of X wave by looking at Omega Sentinel and Theta Sentinel, though one of them will be probably only a line or 2.

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