Best Marvel Legends 2020

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. The dreaded 2020 is finally over with. For many people it was a year of isolation and illness but for Marvel Legends collectors, we have had one of the best years. Even with a number of waves being held back, we’ve had a total of eight waves, and that not even including the Stilt-man wave. Not to mention the dozens of regular release deluxe and rider series alongside the awesome X-men Movies line. Every month we got a new Fan Channel exclusive (by the way keep Jan 11th marked) and while our Joe brother had a hard time, we have a surprising amount of store exclusives. We may be stuck at home but at least we had our plastic crack.

But enough about that, you want to know what was the best overall figure. Over the past couple of weeks I have asked you what was the best figure of a particular category, with the winner of each going onto the finals. Now the final results are in and here are the top 5 winners that you have voted for. Thanks to everyone who has voted and lets get onto the winners.

5th Place

5.9% – Movie Venom (The only movie figure in the rankings)

4th Place

3 way tie at 8.8%

Sugar Man, Nimrod and War Machine

3rd Place Winner

10.3% – First Appearance Storm

2nd Place

11.8% – Retro Spider-man


Winner – 22.1%

Dr. Doom

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