Best of 2020 – MCU/XCU/Gamerverse

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. Last week we had our last semi-final with a look at all the MCU, XCU and Gamerverse. As I expected, I had a lot less people voting this time but it was still alot. So lets get onto the results.

Best Newcomer

3rd Place 12% – X-men Anniversary Wolverine

2nd Place 20% – Movie Venom

Winner 32%- X-men Anniversary Deadpool

Best Remake

3rd place 8% – Professor X

2nd Place 24%- Mystique

Winner 64% – Stan Lee

Best Re-release/Repaint

3rd Place 8% – Stealth Captain America

 2nd Place 24% – Gamerverse Ms. Marvel

Winner 68% – Atmosphere Iron Man

Best Villain

3rd Place 24% – Magneto

2nd Place 28% – Mystique

Winner 48% – Taskmaster

Best Female

3rd Place 12% – Yelena Belova

2nd Place 20% – Domino

Winner 32% – Tie – White Widow and Crimson Dyanmo’s Black Widow

Best New Costume

3rd Place 4% – Gamerverse Captain America

2nd Place 12% – Tie – Outback Hulk and Atmosphere Iron Man

Winner – 36% Tied – White and Black Widow

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