News – Full Spider-man Vintage wave and 2 exclusive

You have to pity Hasbro. They plan this big reveal live stream only for some Spanish site to leak the reveals. However, JTPrime has inform forums of a Spanish Distributor that has leaked some new figures to be going up for Pre-order later today. NOW, before we we get onto it, it should be noted that there will be more reveals today. These are just some of the stuff going up for pre-order today.

First up is something we have talk about before that being the Spider-man Vintage line. Previously reveal at Toy Fair, this line will center on Spider-man and co on the 90’s Animated Series Toyline cardback. Already reveal was Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and of course a brand new Classic Spider-man. Joining them today, that we had leak before, will be a Classic Green Goblin (with a new head and unmasked head), classic Electro (on a different body) and an armored Daredevil from the 90’s.

We also got 2 exclusive, one that was leaked and another that was actually expected. First up, I mention this a few months ago but it looks like Walgreen is getting an all new, all white Moon Knight. This is on the Sunfire body mold and will come with all the stuff the previous figure came with plus 2 head, one all white and the other with a black mask.

Lastly is another expect figure that wasn’t leaks. At Toy Fair, Hasbro Pulse had a exclusive Hydra Soldier army builder. Well many people expect another Army Builder, so Hasbro are giving us a AIm Soldier army Builder. Hopefully, there will a Shield and Kree Sentry exclusives soon.

Again I remind people there will be more reveals today but I will be at work when it happens so you have to wait until tonight for this site to reveal them.


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