Rumor – New listing

Hasbro maybe revealing some stuff on Friday but that hasn’t the rumors haven’t stop leaking. A friend of mine (MCUcolllector24) has posted a listing of what looks like some more figure reveals, some of which I have reported about before.

  • Marvel Legends Avengers GamerVerse Wave 2 – 6 figures unknown, BAF unknown
    • I report about this before but it looks more and more that we are getting a second Gamerverse wave. No word on the figures yet but given that Black Widow, Thor and a proper Hulk (the Gamestop one is only a skin), we can assume they will be in it,
  • Marvel Legends Venom Wave –
    • Ghost Spider – See Below
    • Miles Morales – See Below
    • Venom – unknown at this time. Movie figure?
    • Carnage – unknown at this time. Movie Figure?
    • Phage – the other figure foundation female symbiote (the pink one). My bad I mixed it up with Agony. Phage is one of the other guys. The yellow / orange one. only 2 left
    • Morbius – unknown but could just be a re-release or movie
    • BAF Unknown
  • Marvel Legends Eternals Wave – Figures Unknown, BAF unknown – this was confirmed at the Toy fair but nothing yet has been reveal
  • Marvel Legends Role Play Gear – Stormbreaker – not sure if this is the MCU version or BRB comic version
  • Marvel Legends Retro Variant – Doctor Doom, unknown if Future Foundation costume

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