News – Manga Barcelona + BAF Poll

Hey gang. Whoever said that the holiday season started on the first of November wasn’t kidding. I started work at 4pm and didn’t finished until 1.45am!! Thus the reason I am so late in posting this news. But I know that my reader like reading this news (at least one or two of you do, Thanks Dudes!!), so here we are at 2.30am posting this.

Anyhow, today Hasbro was in Spain for the Manga Barcelona where they reveal the last 2 regular figure of the Age of Apocalypse wave. Joining the previous revealed Weapon X, X-man, Morph and yesterdays’ Sunfire and Wild Child, we have Weapon X wife Jean Grey and the dark reflection of Hank McCoy, Dark Beast, (Who now reside in the Prime universe for you “only 616” people).

They haven’t revealed the BAF at this time but there is still a few cons left so maybe we will see this at one of those in the coming weeks. But just for fun here is a poll to see what you think it is.

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