News – Lucca Comic Con 2019

(Thanks to and Leandro Romani for the images.)

Hey, Gang. Hasbro continues their annual world tour by heading over to Italy for the Lucca Comic con where they have revealed 3 brand new figures.

First up we have a brand new Crossbones. This is based on his original design from the comic and is different from the previous 2 versions which were much too large for him. They haven’t said where he would be placed but it might be in the Black Widow wave probably joining Winter Soldier and Spymaster. Going by previous lines, this might be the last comic figure of the wave with the rest being MCU (although we don’t know the BAF yet.)

Next up they revealed 2 more figures for the upcoming Age of Apocalypse wave. Joining Weapon X, X-man and Morph, we have fan favourite design Sunfire and brand new character Wild Child (with his partner now garaunteed to be coming.)

That’s it for this con but be sure to check back tomorrow when Hasbro goes to Spain for the first time. I should let you all know though that I will be late reporting it as when the panel is one, I will be heading to work. Need money. Most buy more plastic crack. However, head over to where they will reveal it there.

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