Ideal Box set – Falcon And Winter Soldier

Hey gang. As you may remember a couple of weeks back I put up a survey on what you would want in a comic based Falcon and Winter Soldier box set that could be released in time for the Disney+ show of the same name. I got alot of entries so I would like to thanks all those who voted. I got some very interesting choices but there were some clear winners.

But before we get onto the winner, let talk bout 2 characters that were revealed to be release right after I posted this survey. I’m talking bout the main character Winter Soldier and the sixth place winner Crossbones. Both of these are getting figure next year, most likely in the Winter Soldier. However since this hasn’t been confirmed, just think of them being part of this box set.

Well anyway onto the other main character, Falcon. For this I asked you which costume you wanted and the winner is:

Falcon: Avenger Disassembled

I think most people thought by entering “Classic” that you would all pick the same version of classics. Nope there was dozens of version but the one that the most vote was the Disassembled or 2000’s version. This has is a perfect version as it not only looks like the classic 70/80 but also give us a more modern version. I think this should use the Spidey 2099 buck with the obvious Vulture wings. Whether these are clear or solid should be up to Hasbro to decide.

US Agent

Next up we have the one of the winners of the other character choice that tied for first place, John Walker, the US Agent. While it hasn’t been confirm that he will be US Agent in the TV series, it has been confirmed that John Walker will be appearing in the TV series so here is hoping we will get an updated version. The last one used the Bucky cap mold that many people didn’t like for him, which I agree with. Walker is a bulky guy so I think that either the Cap-Wolf or Spider-Uk mold. If they can resculpt the 80th’s Cap into US Agent that would also be a plus. As for which version, there was no definitive answer so any version will do.

Baron Zemo: Avengers: Under Siege

Next up we have the other winner of the choices for the fan choices, Baron Zemo. Zemo is being hinted as the main villain of the show so it would be obvious that he would be in this box set. There were a few other choices for which version, but the clear winner was the classic version that was seen during the Avengers: Under Siege arc. Since his previous versions, (the modern and Citizen V) used the Bucky Cap mold this one should use it as well, with some new added parts.


Ah, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. How much we have asked for you to be made into a figure. Out of all the Serpent Society members, you have been the top choice for many fan, particularly since you have been a major supporting character of Cap’s books for years as well as his former love interest. And in this poll you trounced the contest for second place (Sixth place Crossbone was 5 votes after her and the above only winning only winning by one vote.) If they do make a box set of this, she could be the set exclusive, one that you can only get if you buy this set. There was no clear version that people want, each actually had a different version but many of them were similar to the one here. This could use the Kate Bishop mold that hasbro loves with a new sculpt hands and belt. It could also come with 2 heads, one with pink hair and the other blond hair and maybe her mask.

Well, that’s 6 figures for this box set. What do you guys think? Would you buy this set if it was made or will you not? Let me know what you would put in a box set based on the upcoming TV Series.

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