NEWS! – Unboxing Toy Convention

Update – Official Images added.

Hasbro have travelled down to South of the border for the Unboxing Toy Convention in Mexico. While we had expected them to reveal some stuff in the panel, that seemed to have been for the Star Wars line. However, at their booth they did a special reveal where they reveal 3 brand new figures and 3 brand new characters!!!

First on the left is the obvious Captain Marvel BAF of Kree Sentry Robot!! I’m actually getting scared of how I seem to predict these figures – Ideal Wave – Captain Marvel. Do Hasbro look at my Ideal Waves? If so, drop me a holler Hasbro. I would love to get a quick interview. The next one is the long await and last main Member of the classic Defenders in Nighthawk. Not only does this add to Defenders but also the Squadron Supreme, with Hyperion and Speed Demon. Lasting we have the another long sought after villain in the shape of the Living Lazer, in his more modern look. No word on what wave the last 2 will be in but it will more then likely be the Avengers or Capt Marv.

Thanks to  Magios Initiative for the image.


official images:


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