News! Fan Expo Canada

Ohhh Canada!~”

We had a bit of news today with Hasbro going north to the Fan Expo Canada where they revealed a number of Canadian characters. They had a panel, which sounds like it had an interesting run through of how they decide on a wave and how the figures are designed, sculpted and finalized. They also confirmed that the Ulysses Klaue will have a swapable arm.

Marvel Legends Guardian Figure__scaled_600


They then announce a number of figures starting with the Canadian Alpha Flight hero, Guardian (a much better version then the one we got before IMO). He is built on the Spider-UK buck. They also had a side by side comparison with the older one and it is bigger (in both height and width) and much better paint apps. No more blue highlights for this guy.



Marvel Legends Wendigo Figure__scaled_600Next they announce a Wendigo BAF. This make the second Wendigo to be made. The Canadian cannibal beast is one of Wolverine and Hulk’s most frequent foe (even though most of the time he is not the  same person most of the time). The BAF is done on what most people expected the Sasquatch build. That being said some people might not like this as it make it shorter but it should be noted that most Wendigo don’t have the same height. Personally I prefer the design of the older one but I still like this one as you can technically Army Build.Ev


Marvel Legends Mystique Figure__scaled_600


Next we got the only Non-Canadian revealed, Mystique in her classic costume. First of all, throw out your Toybiz version as this is the best Mystique ever in Marvel Legends. Could even be one of the most beautiful females I have seen in a while. She is one the standard female buck (I think it’s the Medusa buck) and comes with that silly gun Luger like gun.



Marvel Legends Weapon X Figure__scaled_600


It wouldn’t be a Canadian convention with revealing some form of the most famous Canadian super hero. This time we are getting his Weapon X version from his origin story line. We had a figure of this before but that one has shown it’s time. This uses, obviously, the Wolverine build with newly added parts.



It should be noted that Hasbro had not said where, how or when these will be released expect some time in 2019. Mystique is rumored to be coming as a Walgreen exclusive and Wolverine is most likely part of the X-men wave. There has also been a rumor of a Wolverine themed wave for a while so maybe this is the start of it with Wendigo and Guardian joining him.

Also revealed today was the Marvel Comics Unlimited Subscription exclusive figure, a figure you get for subscription to the online service above. This time we are getting………………………Punisher Venom. The recently released Venom with a Punisher logo and guns. This is based on a What If….? story and would be needed to Venomverse completers but for the rest of us………………………MEH.


That it for this convention. The next convention is one of the big three for toys reveals being the New York Comic con in October 4 – 7. We will see alot revealed at that con but at least we get a month break from the excitement.





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