NEWS! – SDCC Hasbro Panel

Last night was the big one guys as Hasbro has their panel for Marvel Legends. There was quite a few reveal so let just jump straight into it.

They started off by revealing the first figure of next years Avengers line (with a nice little nodded to the Disney movie) with Hercules. This one is based on his more recent costume (which I actually have on my Ideal wave for Thor).


They then went onto talking about the Black Panther wave 2, saying that they never planned on doing it but the big boss basically requested it to be done. So they did. Just a remind it is the first all MCU wave with 2 Black Panthers, T’Chaka, Klaue, Dora Malijie, Tactical Gear Killmonger and BAF M’Baku.

They then went onto the Exclusive with Entertainment Earth and Gamestop getting 3 sets. First was another addition to the 10 Years Anniversary Ultron, the BAF which is repaint into a more accurate version. Those wondering where the Apocalypse clamp is going, it will be coming in an Archangel deluxe set. Not only that but as well as being a repaint, it also comes with 2 unmasked heads (Adam Warlock and Magus repainted) and the long sought after Death mask head. Finally, Hasbro is pushing the Army building with an AIM 2-pack with a scientist and shocktrooper AIM Soldiers.

Next years will marked the end of the Walgreen F4 program (don’t worry more are eventually coming). However for those that missed the SDCC Book of Vashanti will be glad to know that Magik is getting a repaint and upgrade as a Walgreen exclusive.


While they did reveal these before the panel, Hasbro are releasing a new 2-pack for the “Into the Spider-verse” movie with Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy 2-pack for Target. This is essentially a straight movie accurate repaints of their older figures.


They also officially announced the Netflix Luke Cage and Claire Temple box set which will be a Walgreens exclusive.


That was it for the Exclusive stuff (For now) so then they went onto the Vintage line. As a reminder, they first announce Wasp and Ant-man in their press breakfast, then Black Panther and Scarlet Spider in their booth the next day. During this panel they announce a Classic Hawkeye and Vision. Vision also comes with what look like the most accurate Ultron head ever. Possible Ultron coming soon?

And we finally get unto the good stuff. Stuff for 2019!. While they didn’t reveal an entire wave of anything beyond Black Panther wave they did reveal the start of a couple of waves as well as a new riders set. The Next Spider-man wave was announced and it seems to be a tribute wave celebrating Dan Slotts epic run on the Spider-man line. Of course being a Spider-man line we get a new Spider-man, this times in his newest Symbiote suit. While this is not the fastest to get a figure (that will still belong to Skaar) it is extremely fast. But Hasbro is not satisfied with just giving you that figure without something to fight as this wave also has the Fan Requested Red Goblin, Green Goblin with the Carnage symbiote. Another character that saw a huge change in character during Slott’s run was Black Cat, who became a crimelord. This marks the second time Black Cat gets a figure in Hasbro line. Finally, for the regular figure, we have the brand new character of Silver Sable. While they didn’t announce the rest of the wave, they did give us the BAF, which is Kingpin.

Next they gave us a look at the next X-men wave. Only 3 figures of this wave were announced though (plus a new Riders figure but I’ll get into that in a bit). Jesse Falcon has always wanted to bring the Reavers into Marvel Legends. Well he got his wish with the new character with Skullbuster. Age of Apocalypse (comic not the movie) and Exiles fans will be happy with Blink finally coming out. Later in the show they showed a brand new Gambit figure in his classic costume.

They also announced the next riders figure. Joining Deadpool on his moped is Xavier in his hoverchair.

Finally in the panel they tease some objects for future figures. The first slide hints to a possible Classic Magneto, Hydra Cap (the blue version) and something that has everyone baffled. The second showed Mystique classic belt and what looks like Quicksilver’s head.

That was it for the panel. However, Hasbro wasn’t done yet as after it was done, they decided to put out 2 unexpected figure in their booth. The first is what looks like the first comic figure for the Captain Marvel wave with Genis-Vell in his Kree outfit. They also finally revealed the Days of Future Past set with Logan and Sentinel. This will be an Amazon exclusive.

Well. That was alot to take in. They might show us something tonight but that is very unlikely. Over all not a bad set of reveals but smaller then most year. They will be revealing more stuff at other convention include cons at Mexico, Canada and London, but the next big reveals will be at NYCC.

I will be adding and updating all the figure revealed in the coming weeks so look forward to that. Check the Schedule post to see what’s coming next.

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